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Seed Balls and Their Importance!

We all have seen seed balls in our life, and now it has become widespread. It plays a significant role in weddings, parties, events etc., as a return gift.

Before we dive into its advantages, let’s know about seed balls.

What Are Seed Balls?

  • The method of capping the seeds with compost and soil and bringing it into a ball-like shape is called seed balls.
  • It would be a great mixture that includes everything a seed needs to grow in a natural environment.
  • Planting seed bombs are a standard method of restoring damaged lands and facilitating restoration.
  • Scattering the seed balls is a cost-effective and low maintenance way to plant native plants. And it is important to note that the land is protected from reaping. That’s all the rest of the work will be done by the sun and the rain.

Why are seed bombs important?

  • Seed balls are important because it is the easiest way to plant native plants, flowers and grasses.
  • The planting method requires time and patient. In seed balls, regardless of age, anyone can plant anything without much effort.
  • Additionally, the clay and humus ball prevents the seeds from drying out in the sun, getting eaten by predators like rats and birds, or from blowing away.
  • We don’t need to worry about areas where there is no way for watering. When enough rain has seeped into the clay, the seeds will sprout with the help of its mixtures.

We can go on and on about many advantages like this. Therefore seed ball is an essential need of our time.

At Inemai, we offer seed balls, whatever you wish, in a bonny pack at an affordable price. From Chennai to anywhere around India, we will deliver our handmade seed balls swiftly.

Those who are hunting for return gift ideas can buy seed balls wholesale for your occasion and events. This will be an initiative for others to do good.